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Enhance manufacturing productivity with our advanced automation solutions.

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Maximize Your Efficiency

Increase your Productivity

Reduce Labor Dependency

Scale production with robotic automation

Reduce Ergonomics Issues

Maximize Your Efficiency

Increase your Productivity

Reduce Labor Dependency

Scale production with robotic automation

Reduce Ergonomics Issues

Our Consulting Services

We connect the dots, delivering turnkey solutions tailored to large-scale projects or specific needs. Our team has extensive experience, having
collaborated with numerous leading global consumer companies and delivered hundreds of successful projects across various industries.

Our global network, covering the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, empowers us with unique insights that drive the delivery of world-class
automation solutions, integrating both AAA20 and 3rd party equipment.

Our Four Pillars:


In addition to complete system integration with 3rd party equipment depending on the project, AAA20 also has an in-house product development team. Some examples of our proprietary solutions:

Collaborative Palletizer

Our Collaborative Palletizers are a must-have for any production line; they’re space-efficient, fast at 21 boxes per minute, and designed with safety in mind, potentially eliminating the need for physical barriers.

Buffer System Integrated With Your Case Packer Machine

Should any issues arise downstream (such as missing tape or box jams), our solution stops the domino effect upstream. Essentially, the system safely removes products from the line and places them on an intermediate buffer. Once the line returns to normal operation, it efficiently reintroduces them to the production line. This strategic, cost-effective enhancement can boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by 5%, driving improved performance and productivity.

CP-200-SW - Collaborative Palletizer Integrated with Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Core Equipment We Provide:

  • Tailor-Made Equipment in a Turnkey Solution with 3rd Party

  • Integrations

  • Case Erectors

  • Case Sealers

  • Case Packers

  • Carton Formers

  • Conveyors

  • Flow Wrappers - Flow Pack

  • Robotic Film Reel Lift

  • Robotic Magazine Loaders

  • Palletizers

  • Tray Formers

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Logotipo AAA20 Group

About Us

Our company’s name is inspired by the ‘AAA’, a top rating similar to the ones given by famous groups like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. These ratings tell you if an investment is good and safe. ‘AAA’ is the best score you can get, meaning the investment is very reliable. Our name shows we aim for the highest service level, just like the best rating you can get from these big finance experts.

We take pride in our track record, having delivered hundreds of projects for global consumer companies. Our approach is about connecting dots and tailoring solutions to fit budgets, leveraging our extensive knowledge and global experience. With a network covering the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, we specialize in delivering world-class automation solutions.

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